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Social-Emotional Learning - What's It All about?

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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is a hot topic in the education world today. As we all know, growing up in today’s world can be tough. Research around the world is increasingly showing worrying trends around mental health for pre-teens and teens. There are some studies showing links between these trends and the increased social pressures children are facing from social platforms and technologies.


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As a result, terms like “social-emotional learning” are entering the more traditional realms of education. Teachers are now starting to think about how to develop core competencies in children around SEL.

According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), SEL is “the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions".


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Teaching SEL in schools is believed to benefit students both in terms of increased academic achievement and improved student behavior. If children are taught the fundamentals in regulating their emotions and in being more self-aware, for instance, then they have a  better opportunity to process the information that they are being taught in the classroom. It’s no surprise then that parents, educators, researchers and policy makers are increasingly demanding to put SEL into practice into all schools.

So, no matter how well designed our literacy and math resources might be, we felt that at Junior Learning, we also wanted to focus our thinking around the SEL needs of children in the classroom and at home. With this in mind, we have developed a NEW range of SEL games, activities and teaching resources.



1. 50 Mindfulness Activities (3+) - £14.99

Daily stresses and pressures can be difficult to manage and express. This set of 50 Mindfulness Activity Cards uses fun and engaging games and activities to help become more focused, manage difficult emotions, and practice a more caring and compassionate attitude. Contains 50 double-sided activity cards and a contents card that can be used as a check off list. 


2. Emotions Dominoes (4+) - £9.99

Children can work independently or together to match emotions together in this dominoes game.  


3. 50 Emotion Activities (4+) - £14.99

This set includes 50 double-sided activity cards that teach children how to identify and express different emotions using interactive tasks such as art, music, dance, acting and group work. As children progress through the activity, they will develop new vocabulary and techniques to deal with emotions. 




4. Social Skills Board Games (5+) - £12.99

These games will enable children to develop and learn new social skills and behaviors simply by playing, laughing, and having fun with your friends and family. This set uses different game plays such as action games and sentence building games that will keep children entertained while learning about the topics of Empathy, Friendship, Manners and Emotions. 


5. Recipe for a Friend (5+) - £12.99

Compete with your friends and family to create the perfect recipe for a friend in this exciting social skills memory game! Match as many good friendship qualities as you can, before finding those bad friendship qualities that will spoil the broth and end the game.  


6. 6 Health and Wellbeing Games (6+) - £19.99

Children can get excited about learning how to look after themselves and their community by either inviting their friends to play in one of the many competitive chase-style games, or using the self-correcting elements to complete individual activities at their own speed. With games and activities based on smart recycling, learning road safety, rules for school, hazards around the home, being hygienic and understanding food groups, they will have a new perspective on everyday life.




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