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CVC Words Printables

CVC Words Promo


Teach consonant-vowel-consonant patterns with this free printable pack! These activity worksheets are separated in four parts, so kids can naturally grasp the phonetic spelling of words.


1. Kids fill in the beginning letter of each CVC word with "Part 1: Beginning Consonants". Encourage them to look at each picture, and to say its name aloud. What letter does this word start with? You could try and think of other words that end with the last two letters (e.g. hat, fat and mat for _at). Click here for PDF download


Part 1 Preview




2. Learn the vowels that make up these CVC words with "Part 2: Vowels". To help complete each word, kids can write the name of all the vowels (A, E, I, O, U) at the top of each page. Click here for PDF download


Part 2 Vowels Preview



3. Learn the endings of CVC words with "Part 3: Ending Consonants". Get your kids to sound out each word, and work out the letter that is missing. Click here for PDF download


Part 3 Ending Consonants Preview



4. Are you ready for the "CVC Test"? Complete each CVC pattern for each word. Use the colour guide to help (blue for consonants, red for vowels). Click here for PDF download


CVC Test Preview