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CVC Words Advanced Printables

CVC Words Advanced Promo


These worksheets follow on from CVC Words, an introductory pack on consonant-vowel-consonant patterns. This succeeding printable pack includes three activities: "CVC Takeoff", a matching game to complete CVC words; "CVC Word Find", for identifying and spelling CVC words; and "CVC Balloon Pop", for distinguishing between real and nonsense words. On completion of these worksheets, kids will have more confidence in their ability to sound out and spell these CVC words.


1. Get kids to sound out words, and to try out different spelling combinations with "CVC Takeoff". Complete CVC words by drawing a line from the uncompleted word to a single consonant (red circle). Click here for PDF download


CVC Takeoff




2. Work out the letters required for the animals and items pictured, and circle them on the word find. "CVC Word Find" allows kids to familiarize themselves with the sounds and spelling of simple CVC words. Click here for PDF download


CVC Word Find Printable



3. Distinguish between real and nonsense words with "CVC Balloon Pop". Just cross out the balloons that display nonsense words. Click here for PDF download


CVC Balloon Pop