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Letters & Sounds Phase 6 Set 2 Non-Fiction

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Spelling readers have been written with a rich vocabulary including embedded words that contain suffixes. They also consolidate earlier taught phonics skills and ‘tricky words’

The set includes 12 non-fiction readers with clear photographic images.

Year 2
Age 6+
Book Band Fluency 2 (Turquoise)
Guided Reading Level J - K
Reading Level 15 - 20

Book # Book Title Letter Sounds
1 The History of Bread Fluent
2 Desert Life Fluent
3 Off to Work Fluent
4 Thunder and Lightning Fluent
5 Sink or Float? Fluent
6 Can You Fly? Fluent
7 Making Pancakes Fluent
8 Forest Facts Fluent
9 A Snail's Pace Fluent
10 Beautiful Ballet Fluent
11 Finding Fossils Fluent
12 Jazz Music Fluent

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