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The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 3 - 6 Pack

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Written especially for older and struggling readers - The Beanies. The Beanies are Hi-Lo - age-appropriate, high-interest stories with an exciting array of adventures, centred around a cast of diverse, relatable, and teenage characters that reflect the modern world that we live in.

Phase 3 (Phonics) set has been written specifically for the progression of Letters & Sounds. Phase 3 (Phonics) introduces the next 22 letter sounds. Phase 3 readers will follow students week-by-week through the programme providing them with text-based context to practice their emerging reading skills. Every story has been written with a strictly controlled text so that students are only exposed to those letter sounds that they have previously learnt. Furthermore, tricky words are only included after they have been introduced. Build confidence in older, struggling readers as they master the phonics code. Can also be used alongside other popular schemes as book-banded reading levels are provided.

The set includes 6 x 12 fiction readers, each with colourful illustrations.

Year Reception
Age 5+
Book Band Early 2 (Yellow)
Guided Reading Level C - E
Reading Level 3 - 5

Book #

Book Title

Letter Sounds


Hop on a Jet

j   v   w   x


Zizz and Zazz

y   z   zz   qu


Ling the King

ch   sh    th   ng


Meet the Feet

ai ee


Into the Night

igh   oa


Zoom to the Moon

oi oo


The Good Luck Book

oo   ow


Into the Lair

ar   air


Can Tab Hear?



Is Kip Hurt?

er   ur


Get the Torch!

or   ure


The Thing on the Sun

Revision of all Phase 3 sounds

Decodable Resources