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Letters & Sounds Phase 5 Set 2 Fiction - 6 Pack

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Vowel Sound fiction readers introduce a further 20 letter pattern, mainly focusing on alternative vowel sounds. Text uses only decodable regular words (according to the week by week progression) along with 'tricky words'.

The set includes 6 x 12 fiction readers, each with colourful illustrations.

Year 1
Age 5+
Book Band Fluency 2 (Turquoise)
Guided Reading Level I - K
Reading Level 16 - 18

Book # Book Title Letter Sounds
1 Pie Day ay      ou      ie       ea
2 The Cat's Claw oy       ir       ue     aw
3 The White Witch wh
4 Tomato Stew ph       ew      oe
5 The Honey Trap au       ey
6 The King and the Mouse a-e       e-e       i-e      o-e      u-e
7 The Treasure Hunt /zh/
8 Magic Mike and the Rabbit Revision of all Phase 5 sounds (and alternative pronunciations of g)
9 Lonely Pony and the Real Treat Revision of all Phase 5 sounds
10 Dogbot on the Loose Revision of all Phase 5 sounds
11 The Lion and the Mouse Revision of all Phase 5 sounds
12 Mummy on the Run Revision of all Phase 5 sounds

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