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Nursery Classroom Kit

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The Letters and Sounds Nursery Classroom Kit offers the Letters and Sounds programme at Phase 1 for your classroom. The Nursery Teacher Planner provides lesson plans around the seven aspects of Phase 1. These are: Environmental Sounds, Instrumental Sounds, Body Percussion, Rhythm & Rhyme, Alliteration, Voice Sounds, and Oral Blending and Segmenting. There are 15 activities presented for each aspect with numerous supporting materials inside the planner.

The kit also includes three sets of phonemic awareness cards, three alphabet friezes and 6 x 48 early pre-readers designed for teaching phonemic awareness and speaking & listening. The materials in this kit will help teachers plan their Letters and Sounds lessons at Phase 1 and prepare children for phonics and decoding introduction at Phase 2.

Kit components:
1x JL700 Teacher Planner Nursery
6x JL380 Letters & Sounds Phase 1 Set 1 Fiction (12 different titles)
6x BB124 Letters & Sounds Phase 1 Set 2 Fiction (12 different titles)
6x JL386 Letters & Sounds Phase 1 Set 1 Non-Fiction
(12 different titles)
6x BB125 Letters & Sounds Phase 1 Set 2 Non-Fiction
(12 different titles)
3x JL691 Phonemic Awareness Cards (89 cards)
3x JL698 Alphabet Frieze (26 titles)

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