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The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 3 Set 2

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Continuing the narrative from Set 1, Set 2 dives deeper into the world of The Beanies series. Aimed at older, struggling readers, these Hi-Lo decodable books continue to offer high-interest, age-appropriate stories featuring a diverse cast of relatable teenage characters.

Phase 3 (Phonics) of this set is precisely structured to coincide with the Letters & Sounds programme, introducing the next 22 letter sounds. With text that's strictly controlled to include only previously introduced letter sounds and 'tricky words', these readers provide a practical, text-based context for students to practice their emerging reading skills on a week-by-week basis. This focused approach is designed to build confidence in older, struggling readers as they continue to master the phonics code. Additionally, the set is compatible with other well-known reading schemes as it provides book-banded reading levels. The set includes 12 books at the Phase 3 level.

Year Reception
Age 5+
Book Band Early 2 (Yellow)
Guided Reading Level C - E
Reading Level 3 - 5

Book # Book Title Letter Sounds
1 Jet Set, Go! j   v    w   x
2 Fix It Sam! y   z   zz
3 Cog Gets A Chill qu    ch    sh
4 Can Fang Sing? th    ng
5 Sit Tight ai    ee    igh
6 Moon Rocks oa    oi    oo (SHORT / LONG)
7 Down in a Tunnel ow (/ow/)
8 No Zark? ar    air
9 Tab Gets A Perm ear    er    ur
10 A Fort on Mars or    ure
11 The Red Queen Review
Is Mars too Far? Review


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