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The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 6 Set 2

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Continuing the engaging narratives from Set 1, this part of Set 2 focuses on Phase 6 (Spelling) according to the Letters & Sounds program. Designed for older, struggling readers, these Hi-Lo decodable books continue to captivate with high-interest, age-appropriate stories and a familiar cast of diverse, teenage characters.

The Phase 6 (Spelling) readers introduce a rich vocabulary that includes embedded words with suffixes. Each book follows a strictly controlled text, exposing students only to letter sounds and words they have previously learned, including the introduction of 'tricky words' only after they have been taught. These readers guide students week-by-week, offering a text-based context to consolidate emerging reading skills and boost confidence in mastering the phonics code. Compatible with other popular reading schemes, this portion of Set 2 provides book-banded reading levels and includes 12 books at the Phase 6 level.

Year 2
Age 6+
Book Band Fluency 2 (Turquoise)
Guided Reading Level I - K
Reading Level 16 - 18

Book # Book Title Suffixes
1 The Lost Glasses -s    -es
2 Monkeys and Apes -s    -es
3 Cat Napping -ing
4 Sailing the Seven Seas -ing
5 Dinner is Served -ed
6 Hopped, Skipped and Jumped -ed


The Tennis Players



A Nicer Baker



The Highest Point



The Funniest Scientists



The Cutest Pets



Running Late


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