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The Pods Phase 2 - 6 Pack

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The first set of Pod readers covers the letter sounds of Phase 2, including consonants, short vowels and common consonant digraphs. There are 12 books in the set and each has been sequenced in accordance with the progression of letters and sounds.

The set includes 6 x 12 fiction readers, each with colourful illustrations.

Age 4+
Book Band Emergent (Magenta)
Guided Reading Level A - C
Reading Level 1 - 3

Book # Book Title Letter Sounds
1 Pat Taps s     a      t       p
2 Pip and Pat i      n     m      d
3 Pop Gets a Mop g     o      c       k
4 Rat on a Rock ck      e     u      r
5 A Hot Run h
6 Big Bob b
7 Is Fin Fit? f         ff
8 Fill the Pit l          ll
9 Bub in a Mess ss
10 Fin Packs a Sack Revision
11 The Hot Pot Revision
12 Pigs and Figs Revision

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