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Year 2 Classroom Kit

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The Year 2 Letters and Sounds Classroom Kit provides all the resources you need to complete the Letters and Sounds programme for your school at Year 2. Central to the programme is the Teacher Planner, which provides all the daily lessons for Year 2, along with references to decodables, supplementary resources and assessments. The Teacher Planner has a weekly and daily calendar so that lessons can be ordered according to the progression. In Year 2, this term completes Phase 5.5 (Sound Families / alternative sounds) and introduces the common prefixes. The remainder of the year continues with suffixes, homophones and revision work. By the completion of Year 2, children will become fluent readers and accurate spellers and writers.

There are eight sets of 12 different decodable reader titles in the kit. Phase 6 readers include all the various letter sound patterns that the children have learnt throughout Letters and Sounds and provides further reading opportunities to practise decoding skills with more complex text. There are also two sets of 12 different decodable readers designed for explicitly teaching suffixes and these have been embedded within the texts. Overall, there are 6 x 96 decodable readers in this kit.

For the completion of Phase 5.5 (Sound Families), the following resources are included: 12 Read and Write Decodables; Grapheme to Phoneme Cards, Common Exception Word Cards, Phoneme Frame Cards, and Alien Word Cards. Note, cards with phoneme frames have a dry wipe surface and can work with white board markers to further develop handwriting skills in the context of spelling and phonics.

A Pop-Up directory provides quick access to all the spelling rules of phase 6 of Letters and Sounds, such as adding suffixes. There are also Suffixes cards to visually represent these rules and homophone cards to provide examples of different spelling patterns.

Kit components:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL699 Teacher Planner Year 2 x1
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL385 Letters & Sounds Phase 6 Set 1 Fiction (12 different titles) x6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BB110 Letters & SoundsPhase 6 Set 2 Fiction x6
(12 different titles)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL391 Letters & SoundsPhase 6 Set 1 Non-Fiction x6
(12 different titles)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BB116 Letters & SoundsPhase 6 Set 2 Non-Fiction x6
(12 different titles)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BB104 Science Decodables Phase 6 (12 different titles) x6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BB140 The Beanies Hi-Lo Phase 6(12 different titles) x6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BB145 Fix Its Suffixes Fiction Phase 6 (12 different titles) x6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BB149 Fix Its Suffixes Non-Fiction Phase 6 x6
(12 different titles)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL695 Read & Write Decodables Set B (12 different titles) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL686 Grapheme to Phoneme Cards (152 cards) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL687 Common Exception Word Cards (111 cards) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL689 Phoneme Frame Cards (161 cards) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL692 Alien Word Cards (147 cards) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL693 Homophone Cards (69 cards) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL694 Suffix Cards (27 cards) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL710 Phoneme Frieze (70 tiles) x3
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JL268 SPAG Pop Up x3

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